(1) Except as required by subsection (4), if a professional fundraiser or unpaid lawyer acquires a contribution to a not-for-profit corporation that is to be registered in accordance with section 440.42 (1), the professional fundraiser or unpaid lawyer shall, at the time of the application or with written confirmation of an application before accepting a contribution from the person from whom the contribution is requested, provide the following information:(a) name and location of the not-for-profit organization. (b) That the person receive, upon request, the charity`s annual accounts setting out the assets, liabilities, fund balances, revenues and expenses for the preceding fiscal year. (c) a clear description of the primary charitable purpose for which the appeal is made. 2. The annual accounts referred to in point (b) of paragraph 1 shall divide expenditure at least into categories of management and generality, programme services and fund-raising. If the non-profit organization is required to submit an annual financial report in accordance with § 440.42 (3) (a), the annual financial statements in accordance with section 1 letter b must correspond to this annual financial report. (3) In addition to the requirements set out in subsections (1) and (2), except as provided in subsection (4), a professional fundraiser shall advertise on behalf of a non-profit organization that must be registered in accordance with § 440.42 (1) the following:(a) If an oral request including a telephone request is made Professional fundraiser shall send written confirmation to each person within 5 days of the request: who makes a contribution or commits. Written confirmation must include clear and visible disclosure of the name of the professional fundraiser and that the request will be made by a professional fundraiser. (b) Professional fundraiser may not declare that a portion of the contributions received by the professional fundraiser will be donated or given to a non-profit organization unless that non-profit organization has given its written consent to the use of its name prior to the application, signed by 2 officers, authorized directors or trustees of that other not-for-profit organization.

(c) The professional fundraiser may not declare that tickets for an event will be given to an organization for use by others unless all of the following conditions are met:1. The professional fundraiser has a written commitment from the organization that the organization will accept donated tickets and indicate the number of donated tickets that the organization is willing to accept.2. The professional fundraiser will ask for contributions for tickets donated to no more contributors than the number of tickets the organization has accepted under subd. 1.(4) A not-for-profit organization that operates exclusively within a community and that has received less than $50,000 in contributions in its last completed fiscal year may apply to the Department for an exemption from the disclosure requirements under this section. The Department shall adopt rules setting out the eligibility criteria for an exemption under this subsection and shall grant exemptions from the disclosure requirements under this Division to a not-for-profit organization that meets those criteria. (W.S.A. 440.455) The fundraiser must submit the request prior to the cash donation or before the fundraiser requests financial details regarding the transaction (whichever comes first). (A) a complete and accurate description of the not-for-profit program for which the advertising campaign is conducted and, if different, a complete and fair description of the programs and activities of the charity on whose behalf the appeal is conducted; and (B) the annual financial statements or summary, which must be in conformity with the financial statement to be filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to section 43-17-5 of the Code; and (c) Printed prompt notice. – On each printed request or written confirmation, receipt and reminder of a contribution, the following statement must be clearly printed verbatim: «The official registration and financial information of (enter the legal name of the charity as registered with the department) may be requested from the Pennsylvania Department of State at the pennsylvania toll-free number, 1 (800) 732-0999.

Registration does not imply approval. (10 P.S. § 162.13) No disclosure statement is required. However, the state attorney general`s office strongly recommends including the organization`s Michigan registration number in all written requests like «MICS No._____.» Before soliciting bids (other than a personal request), either by telephone, electronically or in writing, a not-for-profit organization, unless exempted from registration under the N.J.A.C. 13:48-3.3, and all independent paid fundraisers, commercial affiliates, and attorneys must clearly disclose the following: Use an Arkansas address, including a return address, in each application unless: The written agreement between you and the third-party fundraiser must include terms that define what constitutes confidential information. If your nonprofit is involved in fundraising activities, it is likely that it will need to file a registration form with each state where it requests donations. The majority of States require registration before participating in fundraising or promotional activities. This requirement is called «Registration for Charitable Applications.» We`ve partnered with Harbor Compliance to produce a report that explains how state laws address the challenges of fundraising on the internet, across state borders, and from donors in multiple states – but there are a lot of unanswered questions, as most state laws dealing with fundraising activities deal with the new ways nonprofits use. Internet and other new technologies. not to take into account to collect donations.