In reality, any type of service could be included as long as both parties agree to it in the initial mandate contract. However, there are certain types of ongoing tasks that are more popular with monthly retentions. Here are some ideas about the services you could include in the agreement. The Pay for Work model is really where you do continuous work for your customers and get paid for it. Whether you receive $1,000 a month or $3,000 a month or $10,000 a month, the work you do on that monthly basis is what you get paid for. That`s why this model and approach is called Pay for Work. First of all, it is a guaranteed income, and it is often set up as a guaranteed regular income. This reduces uncertainty regarding cash flow, budgeting, and your monthly income. You also need to breathe confidence and clearly state what your worth is. What will you offer them each month? What will be your monthly results? Think carefully before offering a rollover option for holdbacks. While you should do your best to keep your contract and provide the hours or projects promised in your agreement, it`s not your fault if a client doesn`t ask you for work for a month or provide you with the resources you need to get results.

Just as a lawyer with an independent mandate contract won`t credit you for unused hours, many freelancers don`t think they should do extra work in a later month to give the client the value of a mandate. Essentially, the customer secures your commitment with an advance fee. Your customers promise an upfront payment to keep your services for a while. I like to show these numbers in a graph and explicitly compare each statistic with the last month and 12 months ago (if you have this data). In this way, they can see how the monthly payment of measures that are important to them and their business is gradually increasing. Excellent information Michael. You make a good point, gain trust by doing a great job in a project, and then covering the client on a retention basis. It`s a win-win situation for everyone. Happy New Year 2020! How do you sell your customers through the payment model of a mandate contract? To reduce the pressure by asking your client to purchase a monthly mandate contract, produce your mandate by explaining the services they find valuable each month. You can offer a monitoring service, a marketing campaign, or anything else you think your agency can offer, that reminds your client why you`re an asset to their business and why they should work with you every month. When freelancers enter into mandate contracts with their clients, the usual structure is to sell future availability at a discount for a fixed monthly amount. There are two types of mandate contracts that a company or individual can use: the better you are able to show your client how your work or expertise will help them generate 5 times the return on investment, the more likely they are to accept your consulting price.

When you create the retention, describe the payment terms. Payments are made in advance for money order contracts, but it`s important that you highlight the payment methods and how you get the amount. Michael, wow, thank you so much for this great video. This is exactly the kind of information and coaching I need to address now that I have just signed a retention-based consulting contract. So I really tried to figure out what a «basic retention consultation» means, so I googled it and went straight to your website about the success of the consultation and found your video. Thank you for the clarification on the 2 types of consulting staff – pay for work and pay for access. Since I`m just getting started, I think I`m going to opt for a salary for the job, and once I`ve developed enough expertise, relationships, and networks with my services, I`m going to evolve and opt for the payment of Access Retainer consulting contracts. You have very valuable resources for beginners like me and I am indeed very grateful to have stumbled upon your website. To your health. You now have $10,000 per month of guaranteed income.

If you receive these lump sums each month as an advance fee, just when you expect it, you can budget and grow your business. (Just be sure to set limits. An independent mandate contract does not mean that you are «on call» or that you can work with a faster turnaround time. It simply ensures that you reserve space in your workflow for your best and most promising customers every month.) I hope this detailed guide has helped you understand why the traditional mandate selling model is broken and how this new formula can help you provide better ongoing service to your clients. Consulting agents are an advantage, but it takes effort to put a client on a mandate, from negotiating a mutually appropriate agreement to implementing a mandate-based payment model in your project management system. Getting involved in what was negotiated at the beginning is another problem. Customers also prefer retentions for their predictability. The customer has a set number to pay each month, and they can budget for it accordingly. Everything is paid in advance, which makes things quite easy for them and the owners of the agency. Constant cash flow allows you to take a proactive approach to your business instead of just reacting to situations. Therefore, it is important for agency owners to look for ways to earn a stable income on a monthly basis.

One of the best ways to do this is to do a monthly retention; In fact, it can completely change your approach to business. .